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Zendaya Coleman has been making huge strides in the fashion world as of lately! The 18-year-old, fresh out of high school, has been turning heads with her own fashion choices since her first step on the red carpet. Now with all of the fame and publicity at her side, Zendaya has decided to make the bold move of joining the fashion industry with her own line! The line, Daya, is her very own shoe line filled with a wonderful selection of chic heels that are affordable enough for the average lady to partake in! We couldn’t have been more excited by the announcement!

Teaming up with her stylist, Law Roach, Zendaya decided to dip her toes into the fashion world as she stated, “The obsession is real! And Law is the reason for that. We’re both obsessed with shoes. I’ve built my own shoe collection. And it’s the perfect baby step into the fashion industry. Not in front of, but behind the scenes.”

The shoe line is filled with different colors and styles, all meant to suit the modern day fashionista. As far as pricing goes, Zendaya wanted to make sure that the line was within reasonable costs for everyday girls!

Zendaya says, “$125-$175. Price is so important. I’m not making a shoe that’s anything more than $200. I don’t even want to touch $200. $200 is as crazy as I want to get!”

We’re so proud of Zendaya and can’t wait to get a pair of her heels for ourselves!

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