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Summer is here, and that means wedding season is upon us as well. If you know you’re going to be invited to numerous weddings, or even if it’s just that one huge one, you’re going to need to find an incredible outfit in which to show up in.

However, finding an amazing dress in a reasonable price range can be difficult. But fear not, for we have found an amazing website with affordable prices. Asos has a huge array of dresses, all for moderately low prices. You can find any sort of dress that you may be looking for, whether it be a maxi dress or a mini.

One dress in particular that we found to be extremely alluring was a peach colored, two toned, long strappy dress. Such a gorgeous light color is perfect for an outdoor summer wedding! The sheer material makes the dress super lightweight, and won’t leave you in a sweaty mess!

The model is seen pairing the dress with some white, open-toed, strappy sandals. The white color is perfect to complement the pink colors of the dress. The white does not take attention away from the beauty of the two tones the dress has. The white shoes are also paired with a black and white clutch, the perfect partner.

This dress runs for about $60, which is definitely an affordable price range for most of us! Definitely check this dress and other gorgeous dresses that are appropriate for this upcoming wedding season!

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  1. Valentina Reply

    the dress suggested is fabulous…the color is so feminine 🙂

  2. Lilah Reply

    My favorite cousins wedding is coming up and I really need some insight into where to look for dresses
    This was great & super helpful 😀

  3. winona Reply

    Love love love this! So fantastic…will be looking for a dress on Asos now

  4. Flora Reply

    Such a classy dress <3 I am attending a wedding in a month and have been stuck trying to figure out what to wear! Now I know where to look :)))

  5. Maritza Reply

    WOW, such perfect timing….one of my husband’s best friends is getting married in 2 weeks and I need a dress ASAP…the one in the photo is too GORGE

  6. shauna Reply

    So simple 🙂 This was fab and super helpful !!!

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