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Elegant yet everyday – two completely different styles that when paired together create an absolutely stunning outfit. This fashionista threw together this fall outfit and it blends so perfectly well together, creating a look that can be worn for a casual day stroll, or a romantic night out.

The model is seen wearing a simple tight, black button down top. The sleeves on this top reach less than a quarter of the way and the clear buttons stand out against the dark fabric. We know what you’re thinking, spring and summer are a time for bright colors and pastels not dark neutrals, but this outfit would looking amazing in any season. This ensemble is incredibly versatile. A top like this can be found at stores like Old Navy and H&M.

The beautifully high-waisted, velvet maroon colored skirt appears flowing and polished as the black button down top is tucked into it. The skirt features a gorgeous leather band around the top that really hugs your waist and emphasizes it. Another way to wear a skirt like this for a brighter look would be to pair a lime green button down and a black velvet skirt like this one for a more springtime essence.

The shoes were kept chic as they were strappy and the heel is a quite small one. The rhinestones embedded onto the straps look extremely well put together. You don’t need a lot of money to pull off an incredibly trendy look like this one. An old button down of yours would do just as well tucked into a skirt similar to this one you can find at Boohoo and Forever 21 while the shoes can be found at DSW and Payless.

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  1. Nora Reply

    Really pretty outfit 🙂

  2. gracie Reply

    this outfit gave me a great idea for a date night look!!!! thx ^.^

  3. autumn Reply

    so simple but still pretty & sexy

  4. Taylor Reply

    Very pretty outfit <3 the heels are so scandalous

  5. Sadie Reply

    I rly want to wear something like this for back 2 school! It is so very pretty 🙂

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