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Vanessa Hudgens is looking quite chic for this fall season. The ‘Spring Breakers’ actress was spotted wearing a dark green oversized dress with a long gray cardigan.

The green dress has ruffles on top that accentuates Hudgens bust, making it seem visually larger while the dress reaches her mid thigh. The color is a very dark green that is perfect for fall as the warmer colors start to come out. The dress is extremely flowy leaving for a very comfy yet casual look. Her cardigan definitely provides the extra warmth needed as the weather begins to change and become colder while also giving her an extremely fashionable look and becoming a statement piece. What really stole the look is Vanessa Hudgens knee high socks.

Knee high socks are such a statement piece, especially when the colder months start to hit. Wearing your favorite dress with knee high socks allows for you to remain warm while looking adorably chic! When it comes to making this look your own, statement socks is definitely a go-to. Knee high socks in plaid definitely give off that schoolgirl vibe, while different warm toned ones can be worn in order to complement a flowy leather black skirt with a white blouse.

Whatever way you choose to wear your knee high socks, they are incredibly versatile. If your boots reach just under your knee you can wear a pair of knee socks to provide the look as though your wearing thigh high boots and make it appear longer in length.

Make sure to make this look your own unique style!

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  1. Chanel Reply

    I love Vanessa Hudgen’s style it’s so bohemian with an edgy look 🙂

  2. anne Reply

    OMG i love this i’m a huge fan of Vanessa Hudgens!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333

  3. Logan Reply

    Total perfection…going to recreate this 4 school in the fall =]

  4. colette Reply

    this is absolutely perfect oh my gosh, vanessa is zoo beautiful too !!

  5. beatrice Reply

    awesomely stylish & beautiful :))))

  6. demi Reply

    i’m such a sucker for knee high socks. i try to incorporate them into as many outfits i put on as possible loll <33

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