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We all know about the wonders of the little black dress, sultry and sophisticated, but what about the ever so infamous red dress? Studies shown red is considered the most provocative of colors, so if you’re looking to heat up your style for the night, look no further. This bright and daring color is enough to have your date’s jaw dropped the whole night.

From the infamous fire reds and berries, red dresses come in a variety of different shades and styles. If you’re looking to showcase a little more leg, then a tight bodycon red dress is steamy and hot for a girl’s night at the club. But, if you’re looking to wow your significant other, then a lengthy fire red gown is the way to go. Topped with a classy up do and a red lip to match, your confidence levels will be shooting threw the roof in this sultry stunner.

Besides dresses, the color red can be applied to rompers, crops, and skirts to provide you with that effortlessly put together daytime look. Next time you and your spouse are planning your next night out together, give him something to remember in an all out show stopping red heartbreaker. Some of our all time favorite red dresses can be found at Missguided. Incredibly affordable and just the right amount of sophisticated and sultry, turn up the heat this summer in a bold little “red” dress. Pop on your favorite sky-high heels and get ready to take on the night!


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  1. Layne Reply

    wonderful summer fashion ideas 🙂

  2. Kari Alderson Reply

    red is my fave color so a red dress is an absolute must in my closet 🙂

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