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Grunge is back, baby! And no we’re not talking about the 90’s, we’re talking grunge is back for 2014! Grunge can be a very controversial topic throughout the fashion world – some say we should’ve left it in the 90’s where it belongs, and some are more than happy to bring it back! We’re sure by now you should know where we stand when it comes to grunge! If you don’t, then let us make it easy for you, we LOVE it!

One outfit we found doing grunge justice is the one seen above. This beautifully rugged, tartan oversized sweater looks amazing. The colors give off a 90’s feel and the oversized sweater dress provides a very comfy, cozy, casual vibe. A sweater similar to this one can be found at Forever 21 or H&M. This oversized sweater acts as a dress and covers all of the private areas you wouldn’t want the whole world seeing. When it comes to bottoms it’s all about ripped tights! If there were one article of clothing that could sum up grunge we would all definitely agree on ripped tights. The ripped tights seen on the model photographed mesh so well with her oversized sweater and her suede pale yellow heels really complement the look.

A pair of ripped tights can either be, one, made yourself, or bought at almost any retail store for a very inexpensive price. Accessorizing this look came natural to this fashionista as she wore a pair of circle-framed sunglasses and a simple elegant gold bracelet for a touch of a more modern look.

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  1. Ariel Reply

    Love this look 🙂 simply amazing, the heels did it for me

  2. Kat Reply

    so edgy and alternative, just how i like to dress 😀

  3. diana Reply

    i love grunge style so much, so happy to hear you say it’s making a comeback lol

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