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Does Taylor Swift know how to dress or what? The gorgeous, young country music singer was seen strutting her stuff recently as she walked through the streets of SOHO in NYC. Everything about Taylor’s outfit is so spot on that we’re not even sure where to begin! The blonde beauty wore the most perfect fall ensemble if we’ve ever seen one – complete with matching attire and even the beloved and captivating poncho (a fashion accessory that not many of us can pull off)!

Seen on Swift is a pair of pine green skinny jeans that fit her slim silhouette perfectly! In order to keep things complementary and to prevent color clashing, Taylor matched the skinny jeans up with a beautiful darker shade of green, cozy knit scarf that looked soft to the touch. On top of the look, we see Taylor pairing everything up with a gorgeous fall poncho, with autumn shades all too present. Burgundy, red, tan, and a dark orange are all present in the large poncho. Once again putting her fashionista wit to good use, Taylor teamed the poncho up with a complementary pair of dark tan boots.

Finishing off the look, Taylor popped on a bright red lip and a beautiful navy blue purse that once again matched what appears to be a navy blue sleeve peeping out from underneath the poncho! The greatest thing about Taylor’s look is that it is so simple and easy to recreate! Every one of us could take a lesson or two from this styling queen!

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  1. tiffany Reply

    amazing outfit!!

  2. hope Reply

    OMG this is exactly like something i would wear <333

  3. Emily Reply

    taylor’s fashion sense is PERFECT!!!!

  4. sasha Reply

    in love with this look

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