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The queen of selfies and make-up, Kim Kardashian was spotted in Los Angeles by paparazzi. Kim was heading out to the launch of her supermodel gal pal, Naomi Campbell’s book launch party. The $1,750 self-titled book called for a huge unveiling, and Kim made sure to show up in a look that would certainly turn […]

If there’s one thing that the Kardashian-Jenner family loves to do, it’s dressing up for a huge event. Known for their glamorous make-up looks and very stunningly sultry outfit choices, this family knows how to turn an event on them. With Kim always leading the way, the sisters found themselves constantly being photographed and fawned […]

Jessica Alba is the queen of style when it comes to looks with a bit of sweet simplicity and raw chicness. Always on the top of street style fashion blogs along with her more dressed up looks as well, Jessica Alba is just a gorgeous “do it all” woman that every lady can look up […]