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British fashion model, Jourdan Dunn, looked absolutely smashing as she walked through the airport. If there’s any sort of fashion that we like most it would have to be casual chic. Nothing shows off your inner fashionista more than style you’ve created out of your own wardrobe. Traveling through the Nice Airport, Dunn looked fabulous even caught off guard. With a hand in her pocket and the wind blowing her hair off to the side, Jourdan’s denim jumpsuit is the epitome of casual traveling gear. Denim jumpsuits have been a totally hot trend lately, so we love that Jourdan decided to rock this look!

Adding a little bit of attitude and flair into her look, Jourdan incorporated some leopard print into her style. With a fun and funky pair of leopard loafers, Jourdan’s casual jumpsuit look went from just fab to fabulous! We love the added print, and how it just brings the outfit together without being too over the top. In addition to the leopard loafers, Jourdan wore a stunning pair of cat eye leopard sunglasses. With a carryon duffel at her side, and a casually chic outfit on, Jourdan Dunn looked as though she was ready to take on the world in comfort and style. We really love this look and can’t wait to recreate it for ourselves!

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  1. Genesis Vitello Reply

    very cute 🙂

  2. lorinda tony Reply

    def something i would wear!!!

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