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It looks as though we’ve got another fashion showdown between two of the biggest queens around, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez. Recently, both ladies were spotted rocking some very similar outfit pieces. It seems that J.Lo was spotted wearing some form fitting white jeans, stiletto heeled black booties and a $925 Balenciaga Intarsia Sweater. The black and white printed sweater that J.Lo chose to wear is highly reminiscent of a Balenciaga dress that Beyonce wore a year before to the Eiffel Tower. Since such a bold and daring print by the same designer was worn by two of our biggest idols, we decided to take a look into their style choices.

While the dress Beyonce wore to the Eiffel Tower sported the same print as the sweater, the dress featured a more crew neck design and a very high hem. The sweater worn by J.Lo was actually a turtleneck design. When deciding who rocked the bold print better, we’re ultimately coming down to a draw. Both ladies rocked the looks perfectly and for different occasions. Jennifer Lopez had a more laid-back and everyday appeal to her look, while Beyonce’s was definitely more late night ready. Not to mention, both of these ladies are some of the most gorgeous in the industry.

So, we want to know what you guys think! Do you think J.Lo totally rocked this look or did Beyonce throw her out of the park? Let us know by leaving a comment down below!

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  1. Justine Agron Reply

    they both look unbelievable as always 🙂

  2. mindy s. Reply

    the looks are so diff u cant even compare!!!

  3. mollie kliebert Reply

    two beauties!!!

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