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Spring and summer are definitely two of our favorite seasons. Winter coats and scarfs are put away and florals and pastels are brought out. The bright vibrant colors seen throughout the fashion trends and around the world leave us with an extremely cheery atmosphere. Photographed above is an extremely stunning outfit that describes perfectly how these two seasons make us feel!

The outfit is started off with a plain shift shirt that is a gorgeous blinding white. The white is extremely vibrant and stands out boldly. On top of this shirt is a stunning pastel pink blazer. This blazer is not only feminine, but also would look gorgeous for the work place. The sleeves are rolled up slightly and the blazer brightens up the entire ensemble. When it came to bottoms a pair of boyfriend jeans were chosen and we couldn’t agree more with the decision. These jeans created a loose feel while the distressed rips throughout it made it feel more casual. The jeans were rolled up towards the bottom and the light wash color compliments the bright pastel blazer perfectly.

The shoes the model had worn for this gorgeous springtime look were a pair of nude strapped heels. Keeping the shoes nude was genius as it really accentuates this outfit keeping its elegance. Accessorizing this outfit came naturally to the model as she decided upon a sleek white clutch that matches her iridescent white top. She then finished off her amazingly chic look with a pair of sunnies that sat onto her head. Definitely one of our favorite outfits!

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  1. Hope Reply

    super pretty 🙂

  2. kimberly Reply

    Spring is my favorite season, this look is perfect =]

  3. erin Reply

    I have bf jeans similar to those ones! Now all I need is a pink blazer to complete my look 😉

  4. frannie Reply

    SOOOOOO chic! I love simple outfits like this…I could wear something like this to school 🙂

  5. Candy Reply

    Love the outfit, was in need of a new idea!! =]

  6. Liberty Reply

    that pink blazer rly made the outfit stand out IMO, w.o it would just be plain and boring

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