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A beautiful black shift dress is just what you need in your wardrobe for any reason or season! A black shift dress is an incredibly versatile piece that can be dressed up or down for whatever the occasion may be. You can never go wrong with black as it is one of the classiest and most timeless colors to wear. Our inspiration style of the day is seen in the photograph above.

The model is seen adorned in a beautiful black shift dress that holds an air of class to it. The model chose to wear the dress in a less formal way, opting for a more casual get-up. The golden necklace with strands of blue and green hues stands out against the black shift dress. The royal blue bag with golden chain adds a beautiful bright color into the mix, matching the necklace the model has on. The blue tinted Ray-ban sunglasses further add onto the color scheme the model was opting for, as she shields her eyes from the daytime sun.

Purchasing a shift dress of your own can be done at stores like Forever 21 or online at Many of the dresses run for fairly inexpensive prices, roughly between $20 – $50. If you’re looking to purchase a shift dress keep in mind all the possible looks that can be created from just one dress. Add a cute pair of flats and minimal accessorizes for a comfy, casual look or dress the look up with a hot pair of pumps for a special occasion. If you’re looking to really stand out, add a leather jacket into the mix and you’ve got yourself an edgier look!

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  1. Moriah Reply

    love shift dresses! these tips are amazinggggg!!!

  2. marie Reply

    such a cute dress =x
    want one just like it for myself 🙂

  3. lisa Reply

    gorgeous style <3

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