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One of the fiercest women that we just can’t get enough of is the ever so loving, Selena Gomez. From her incredibly chic and effortless style to her inspiring and heartfelt messages to fans, Selena Gomez is the perfect idol for any young girl in this generation. As of recent, Miss Gomez has been receiving quite the amount of body shaming, but her appearance at the 2015 Met Gala put all the haters to rest as she looked absolutely stunning. The delicate ensemble she donned played off her cute charms and hugged every curve of her body leaving her looking breathtaking.

Selena Gomez wore an all white gown that touched the floor, with an open back and black tasseled shoulders. Her shiny black locks were pushed back into a sleek bun as a beautifully designed white flower crown sat prominently on her head. Adding a bit of spice into this modestly innocent look, Selena donned a black sultry smoky eye along with her infamous bright red lip. Finishing off her elegant look, Selena wore a pair of long dangled earrings and a few silver rings and bracelet. Even her ex, Justin Bieber had something to say about the brunette beauty’s look that night! As the “Where are U Now” singer was leaving the Met Gala he made sure to shout at the paparazzi “Yo, Selena looked gorgeous at the Met Ball” before being driven away. We don’t blame Justin because Selena Gomez had looked incredible on the red carpet.

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  1. valerie makin Reply

    selena’s body looks amazing!! haters are always gonna hate

  2. isabel wortham Reply


  3. harriet winzer Reply

    Queen!!! Selena was slaying it here =]

  4. Nina G. Reply

    selena looks like a beautiful princess :))

  5. augusta Reply

    nice, very pretty 😀

  6. gina a. Reply

    amazing dress, selena is too beautiful!!!!

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