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Looking hot as ever, Christina Milian, accompanied by her sister, went to have a fun girls night out at Playhouse Nightclub. Posing for some fabulous Instagram photos, Christina’s outfit caused an uproar on social media. Ladies everywhere were dying to know the exact details on her outfit and how they could get their hands on it as well! Well fashionistas, we have the scoop on Christina’s exclusive outfit, and it’s way more affordable than what you may have originally thought. Christina’s outfit of the night consisted of a sultry, black bustier top and a beautiful statement making, red skirt.

The bustier top that gave Christina all of that sultriness for the night is a $48 Nasty Gal Square Off Bustier – talk about a super affordable, clubbing appropriate top! When it comes to the statement making red skirt, you can find it for $168 as it is the Cameo Red Taffeta Skirt. Upon visiting Nasty Gal’s site, you will notice that Christina wore the outfit exactly as it was modeled on the site. The combination of a super hot bustier top and a gorgeously designed skirt is enough to make all of us want to go out clubbing in such an hot look!

For such affordable prices, we won’t be surprised to find that Christina’s exact outfit details sell out like hotcakes! A look like Christina’s has to be worn out for all to admire and see. So we want to know, what do you guys think of Christina’s look? Let us know below.

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  1. sarah l. Reply

    OMG she is looking so good!!!!

  2. ashley Reply

    i rly wanna get all dressed up like this!!!!

  3. jenny clare Reply

    she is SOOO pretty!!! i can’t believe this is from nasty gal 🙂

  4. Karisa Harris Reply

    she’s bomb!!!

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