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Nothing can quite compare to the sheer beauty and simplicity of a black and white color scheme when it comes to fashion. Black and white can never be overdone and it never goes out of style as it would contradict all rules of fashion for it to be otherwise. Black and white are for looks that you intend to look chic in, and that’s exactly how English television and radio presenter, Sarah Jane Crawford, appeared. The beauty was seen photographed on the red carpet at the Tesco Mum of the Year Event. Looking absolutely flawless, Sarah Jane donned a $455 Theory Dexas Favas Dress with a Sheer White Silk Hem.

Sarah looked stunning in the dress, as it featured a sleeveless design and an asymmetrically hemmed bottom – both of which are in style right now as far as fashion looks go! The simplicity of the look and the neat side braid and makeup gave Sarah Jane a beautifully pleasant look that was not too overdone. The hem of the bottom of the dress was white and sheer, adding a beautiful sultry allure. Sarah Jane kicked off the look with a gorgeous pair of white pumps that did not clash with the look at all, but instead, only further complemented it. Classy, chic and simple – one can never go wrong with such a classic look and Sarah Jane stunningly pulled it off. What do you guys think of the Theory Dexas dress?! Would you wear?!

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  1. colene jones Reply

    beautiful & simple 🙂

  2. christiana farber Reply

    so elegant and ladylike

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