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This outfit seen on beautiful model, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is simple yet chic. Not only is this outfit daring yet casual, it’s an extremely easy look to copy! The pieces seen on Rosie are something you most likely have lying around your closet or something you can pick up for an inexpensive price!

Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley started her look off with a simple white tee! This t-shirt is just a plain white tee and we’re pretty sure you should already own one of these in your closet! If you don’t, then a simple white t-shirt can be found at any store for five to ten dollars. Rosie wore a pair of simple black jeans that showed off her amazingly long legs. These jeans are gorgeous for simple days out and can be found at stores like Forever 21 and Wet Seal. A pair of black jeans is a necessity when it comes to your closet and you should definitely have a pair by now!

Completing this edgy, city girl outfit was a stunning leather jacket. The detailing on this jacket is incredible. The sleeves are ribbed while the shoulder area contains a quilted design. Many zippered designs are featured throughout this jacket and contribute to this fierce look that Rosie was going for! Not only is this outfit perfect for a lunch out but also a night out with the girls! When it came down to accessories Rosie Huntington-Whiteley chose a leather handbag with silver pieces and a sleek pair of black sunglasses as she continued on her day throughout the city.

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  1. Hannah Reply

    She is SO FIERCE! WOW

  2. jasmine Reply

    this look is so simple but edgy…i luv it! 🙂

  3. vivian Reply

    How can one person even be so perfect?! Her look is fab! I will be recreating this for fall when school starts =]]]

  4. addison Reply

    now this is a look i really like 🙂

  5. Skyler Reply

    i luv rosie, everything about her is amazing…this look is on point 🙂

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