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Rihanna, the queen of the biggest hits or misses in fashion, has been seen about town in another questionable choice in clothing. Rihanna can be commending on her daring attitude to be bold and brazen with her looks, never afraid to stand out in a crowd or try something completely new and unheard of it. This attitude toward style is what gets her noticed on our blog quite so many times, with some of her outfit choices becoming our absolute favs to recreate. Seen coming out of Da Silvano Restaurant in NYC, RiRi had the paparazzi all around her snapping pics of her most recent choice in fashion.

Wearing a bright, almost “carrot” orange jacket, Rihanna paired the bold coat up with a two pieced tracksuit outfit and heels. The orange coat is 3.1 Phillip Lim Shearling Bomber Jacket that seemed to keep her cozy warm in the chilly NYC weather. The matching top and bottom were from Verbage, with the black crop top featuring printed white inscriptions and symbols that ranged from from phrases like “LOVER” to hashtags, and even an ichthys with the word “YEEZUS” inscribed within it.

Rihanna finished off the look with a pair of strappy sandals, her red glossy lips and sleek pulled back hair giving the look an extremely city chic edge. With the random pieces of clothing we’re left questioning whether this outfit is the real thing or just a flop in the making? What do you guys think of RiRi’s bold look?!

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  1. winifred Reply

    not a fan of RiRi’s look here :/

  2. naomi Reply

    rihanna looks like a hot mess

  3. jasmine Reply

    i’m digging the 2 piece suit

  4. Stands back from the keyboard in amezmaent! Thanks!

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