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Rihanna is quite the lucky girl! This holiday season the last thing you would expect Rihanna to be wearing is a bikini (well, maybe), but this stunner took to Instagram to show off her incredible bikini body in a hot little red bikini, the perfect color for the holidays. This tiny little red bikini left very little to the imagination – definite Rihanna doings! Rihanna happens to be celebrating her holidays in her native home in Barbados and we can’t help but be completely envious of her sunny hometown.

The warm sun, soaking up at the beach, maybe Rihanna should’ve taken us to accompany her! And leave it to Rihanna to have one of the coolest Christmas trees of all time. Just take a look at her Instagram as she revealed to her 13.5 millions of followers her “black ice” Christmas tree. From her toned and tatted body, to enjoying a peaceful and sunny day in Barbados we’re just going to go back and hide into our piles of blankets masking us from the cold.

Rihanna loves to share her life with her Instagram fans, so it was no wonder when she uploaded herself and her friend in the hot little red bikinis.


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  1. giovanna Reply

    super HOT bikinis

  2. lawanda jackson Reply

    riri looks like she’s enjoying herself 🙂

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