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It seems that bright pink has been an exceptionally popular color amongst the younger generation of Hollywood celebrities. From Demi Lovato’s all pink crop top and pencil skirt to Rita Ora’s Moschino dress, bright pink seems to be a favorite choice, a bit surprisingly for the fall season as well. With the rise of a new popular shade it would seem that Rihanna would hold herself as no exception to the rule as she incorporated a bright pink sweater jacket into her outfit as she left an Italian restaurant for dinner. Donned in a quite unusual get-up for a night out at an eatery, Rihanna is once again leaving us with our jaws on the ground with her fashion choices.

Rocking a trapstar tank top and black mini skirt together, Rihanna’s outfit could be pinpointed as a sporty casual look with a hint of class if you take into account the Manolo Blahnik Suede BB Pointed Pumps she’s got on. The R&B and dance-pop singer’s look is anything but ordinary. The fuzzy bright pink sweater, paired up with the backwards baseball cap, braided pigtails, and sheer striped socks was all placed together in one look!

We’ve got to give Rihanna a hand – not just anyone could pull off a look like this and keep it looking well put together. Rihanna’s edgy girl style is truly showing in this look and we really do love it! What do you guys think?

Was Rihanna’s look commendable, or something that should be burned a.s.a.p.? You decide!

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  1. Carmella Reply

    I like all of the pieces separately but not all together 🙁

  2. tara Reply

    riri always knows how to make us question her fashion choices

  3. Bekah Reply

    why oh why would she wear those socks with a pair of manolo blahniks?!

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