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When it comes to crazy and funky celebrity fashion, we can always count on Rihanna to push the buttons on any fashion rules. Spotted traveling through London’s Heathrow airport, Rihanna wore an outfit that we just couldn’t seem to pin into a category – leaving us to believe that it should be put into a category of its own! Wearing a quite large olive green bomber jacket, Rihanna was truly channeling her inner 80s diva with this look. Along with the oversized bomber jacket, RiRi also wore a pair of $300 Come Tees Duppy Conqueror Embellished Jeans. The jeans featured four prints all around, with various sayings and faces, and the distressed color of the jeans gave it a very vintage feel as well.

Looking to match up with the deep red prints featured on her jeans, Rihanna wore a very comfortable looking pair of $695 Aquazurra Belgravia Red Suede Lace Up Flats. The overall feel of Rihanna’s entire airport travel look was very vintage and 80s rocker chic. Although this is not one of our absolute favorite looks that Rihanna has been seen in, we won’t go as far as to say that we hate it either. It’s definitely something unique and the retro vibe we get from the look is incredibly refreshing. We do wonder what you guys think about her entire look. Do you think that this outfit looks comfortable for travel, or are you totally not vining with RiRi’s super retro style?! Let us know below!

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  1. Dora B. Reply

    I like this cool, it’s chill

  2. dina bates Reply

    love this, very low key

  3. maxima lawlor Reply

    this hair color looks great on her 🙂

  4. marisol juan Reply

    she’s the baddest, i luv her style

  5. Chloe B. Reply

    Very nice

  6. Ilene Reply

    I rly like this look on her ^.^

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