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When we found out Rihanna would be the new face for Dior’s spring 2015 campaign we couldn’t help but be incredibly ecstatic. One of the biggest singers known throughout the world, this campaign is a huge step for Rihanna as she makes history as Dior’s first ever black spokesperson. Donning her infamous dark red lip, Rihanna looked absolutely stunning throughout the campaign. When we witnessed Rihanna’s full Dior 2015 ad we glared in awe as Rihanna walked with grace and elegance as well as her notorious sass shined through as she swayed her hips from side to side.

The “Secret Garden” video was shot in the Palace of Versailles as Rihanna strutted her stuff in a shimmered gown that had her literally ‘shining bright like a diamond’. From the chandeliers to the scenery, RiRi looked unquestionably fierce, not to mention the soundtrack being played in the background is a sample of Rihanna’s new track “Only If For the Night.” With the campaign video already having over 1 million views after just making it’s debut yesterday fans are already ecstatic to hear the new song that Rihanna has in store for us. Rihanna has had so many incredible accomplishment’s throughout her career as an artist and this is just one of many more to come. If you guys would like to see the video of Rihanna’s Dior Ad Campaign we’ll leave it down below for you to tell us your thoughts. Do you guys adore it as much as we do?!

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  1. Carmela W. Reply

    rihanna looks like a total BABE here

  2. belle k. Reply


  3. alla vasquez Reply

    so proud of riri for this!!!!

  4. kristal hayek Reply

    slay queen!!!!

  5. denisha parkers Reply

    so sophisticated!!! love this 😀

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