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If there is one woman’s whose fashion we always fall in love with it has got to be Rihanna. The gorgeous singer is always pulling off the most unique styles, setting her own boundaries and trends. Never one to be afraid to break away from the norm and pop up with the unusual Rihanna always stuns. This week, Rihanna was photographed in yet another head turning look. In New York City, where she has been spotted most frequently as of recent, she was seen wearing a beautiful perfect for fall colored yellow Marc Jacobs mini dress. To top it off, she paired the dress up with an incredibly bright pink, double breasted fur coat.

Her accessories were kept to a minimal but stood the test of time. Around her neck, Rihanna opted for a very classic, old Hollywood glam look by wearing a white chain choker. Along with the choker, she wore a beautiful, silver purse and a pair of black soft suede Manolo Blahnik heels. Rihanna’s hear was worn in a chic, curly-haired updo that gave her a real sense of old Hollywood class. The lipstick color she chose went perfectly with the autumn change of weather as well as with the outfit itself.

Overall, Rihanna’s look was absolutely killer. The bold choice in color scheming was one that not many celebrities would be brave enough to don. However, we must give it up to Rihanna for always wearing what she deems is perfectly fashionable for her!



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  1. onika Reply

    idk how i feel about this look…the yellow and pink is throwing me off

  2. tiffany Reply

    she always manages to look so gorgeous in everything <3333

  3. Debbie Reply

    this look is BOMB :*

  4. cassidy Reply

    WOWWWWW !! if anyone else tried 2 pull this off it would look so bad, but RiRi got it on lockdown

  5. chloe Reply

    i <333333 this!!!!!!

  6. yasmine Reply

    riri is slaying it with this look!!!!

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