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Rihanna is well known in the fashion world for wearing whatever she feels like – even if at times her fashion choices can be quite questionable. It’s this sort of brass confidence that Rihanna possesses that keeps her on the front page of many fashion blogs and fashion trends. There is no look that this gorgeous multitalented woman won’t try, as nothing is too daring for her. Recently photographed at the Opening Ceremony New York location, celebrating the launch of the store’s new location, RiRi wore a look that was absolutely NYC chic. Donning a Fall 2015 Raf Simons Graffiti Coat, Rihanna’s graffiti stained coat fit into the NYC scene perfectly.

Along with her fabulous coat, Rihanna also wore a Wrkng Title X Melissa Forde M$$Xwt Pink Pineapple Print Bucket Hat and Spring 2015 Christian Dior Textured Boots. Underneath the coat, Rihanna’s bare body could be seen covered by a cute black bikini top and high waisted denim shorts. To add even more flair, Rihanna wore a tucked in button down top across her waist. Talk about a whole bunch of fashion pieces all rolled into one. However, this is not an unusual sort of look for Rihanna to sport as she stepped out looking absolutely fabulous and NYC street style ready.

What do you guys think of Rihanna’s artistic style of dressing? Is it a total hit or an absolutely terrible miss? We’ll leave that up to you guys to decide! As for us, we do happen to appreciate the aesthetic beauty of the overall look!


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  1. michelle stevens Reply

    cute look 🙂

  2. Brandie Eoff Reply

    i LOVE the jacket, but everything else just clashes!!!

  3. karol devin Reply

    no no no, riri looks like a hot mess w this one >.<

  4. janae petri Reply

    Rihanna is KILLIN it
    idc what anybody says, she’s HOT in this one

  5. adriane pack Reply

    so weird, what’s up with the hat riri??

  6. Talia Cahoon Reply

    interesting, but I think that Rihanna could do better
    better luck next time RiRi

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