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Rebel Wilson was certainly turning heads at the Night of the Museum premiere. She looked absolutely stunning wearing an incredibly cute and affordable dress that she happened to purchase from ASOS for AU$66 which translates to 55 American dollars. The plunging V line showed off a daring amount of cleavage but Rebel pulled it off so tastefully as the dress had patterned down to a gorgeous sequin array of colors that imitated what would look like to be a mermaid’s tail.

Keeping it classy, Rebel paired her look with a pair of simple black pumps that let the sequins do all of the talking. Rebels shiny blonde locks were curled beautifully as they framed her face ever so elegantly, and kept her makeup very simplistic with a slight winged liner and loads of lashes as well as a glossy nude pout. Whilst interviewed by KIISFM radio Rebel Wilson had mentioned what it had been like to work with Robin Williams, who had recently passed away this year. ‘It’s just so emotional because in the movie his character knows he’s not going to be alive the next day and he gives this speech and it was just me and my assistant Katie just sitting in this screening room just crying. It’s super, super emotional.’

Although Rebel may have gotten emotional, she had also mentioned of the time when comedy master Robin Williams had connected with her while they were shooting for the movie in London. “He watched me in a scene with Ben Stiller and called me over to his trailer afterwards and he just said, “I think you’re such a great improviser and you’re so funny.” Rebel mentioned to KIISFM radio.

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  1. Teri Lan Reply

    loving the sequins 😉

  2. fern Reply

    very cute dress, just the right amount of flashy

  3. rebecca owen Reply

    aw rebel looks stunning 🙂

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