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The Daily Front Row’s Fashion Los Angeles Awards was the site of many fashionable celebs! These celebrities truly turned up the volume with their bold and extravagant choices in wardrobe and beauty. From the gorgeous new mother, Ciara, to pop singing sensation, Katy Perry – the Los Angeles Awards event was filled with the hottest and stylish of Hollywood. With all of the top of the notch looks, we couldn’t help but be taken aback by one look in particular. It seems that Nicole Richie has once again decided to change up her look in the most dramatic way.

From purple all the way to hot pink – Nicole Richie has decided to make her hair the most statement making piece of her entire look. Nicole wore a cut up tunic styled top. The tunic top featured many cut up slots that made the entire top part of her outfit visibly see through. For bottoms, Nicole paired up the eccentric top with a long black, sequin skirt that featured a sheer appearance toward the very bottom of the skirt. A pair of simple black pumps finished off Nicole Richie’s very bold and quite out there look.

Although we’re usually a huge fan of Nicole Richie’s fashion choices we’re not quite sure how to feel about this one in particular. The bright pink hair and odd attire seem to be a bit too eccentric for the Awards event. What do you guys think of Nicole Richie’s new hairstyle and overall look? Let us know below!

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  1. libby bellon Reply

    not feeling this look :/

  2. cynthia espinosa Reply

    I think she really damaged her hair from dying it so much b/c it looks like theres barely any left

  3. Marie Sennett Reply

    fashion no no

  4. temeka andrus Reply

    i think her hair looks rad, now her outfit is another story entirely

  5. dalia p. Reply


  6. ebonie Reply

    eh, it’s just not a flattering look for her b/c she has such a small frame
    tbh she could pull off the hair but then the outfit just ruins it 🙁

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