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Leather pants are definitely fall fashion material. They are so chic and sexy, and can be paired with most anything. Their tight fabric gives off an extremely flattering angle for your bum and legs. Mollie King knows how to style these trendy pants, that’s for sure!

Mollie King, from the group “The Saturdays”, was seen pairing her leather pants with a plain white slouchy tee and extremely fashionable leather tan jacket with black sleeves. She matched this look off with a pair of black-heeled booties and a classy black purse. She is the epitome of classy yet casual in this photo. Leather pants can be worn for a regular daytime look or something edgier on a night out. For more of a casual look, pair your leather pants with a bright long tank tucked into the waist of the pants to create a slouchy look. A pair of gladiators would complete the casual look with a touch of fierceness.

When it comes to accessories, pair some rings and a small chain necklace together for a more casual look. For a night out, when you want to rock an edgy look, bring out a cheetah print top and pair it with your leather pants. When it comes to footwear choices, take out your black pumps for a more glam look, or your pair of tan timberlands for a more street style look. Leather pants are easy to find at stores such as Wet Seal, Forever 21, and H&M for reasonable, inexpensive prices.

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  1. britney Reply

    Quite an edgy and simple look !!

  2. Fiona Reply

    I love Mollie. She always looks incredibly polished 🙂

  3. estrella Reply

    her style is so effortless 🙂 very cute <3

  4. Noreen Reply

    This look is so simple..I love celebrities who dress in a way that is easy for us to recreate ^.^ <3333

  5. opal Reply

    mollie always look so stunning & lovely 🙂 this look is very chic!

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