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This Gossip Girl beauty was always fashionable throughout the show, but when it comes to real life she is just as equally fashionable as her character, Blair Waldorf. Leighton Meester pulled off an incredibly polished look with her hair pulled back, donning this incredibly elegant Emporio Armani dress.

The color on top is the most gorgeous baby blue and the stitching done on the bottom looks effortlessly done. The stitched fabric falls into a darker blue leaving the dress with a slightly ombre look. Leighton kept her shoes casual as she wore a pair of nude strapped heels. When it came down to jewelry, Leighton Meester kept it minimal rocking her silver bangles from Jacob & Co, which really brought the whole look together keeping it elegant and sweet. This outfit is very high fashion and is perfect for a daytime or party look. The dress really is the centerpiece when it comes to this outfit as it stands out and is a complete showstopper!

Leighton Meester kept her hair in an up do, leaving one beautifully ombre curled piece out to frame her delicate face and features. This natural beauty kept it extremely light on the makeup considering this is a more elegant day look. Not only is this look simple it is also an eye-catcher, leaving most in awe of the beauty. Who knew such a simple elegant piece could make such a statement! What else could you expect from this high-end fashion beauty!

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  1. rachel Reply

    she’s so beautiful 0.0
    i wanna start dressing just like her…that look is so sophisticated

  2. Aria Reply

    i obsess over her style!!!! the hair, the dress, the shoes… TOO perfect 🙂 !!!

  3. Ashley Reply

    Leighton is amazing. I love her style.

  4. valerie Reply

    I luv the way she dresses 🙂 always so elegant & ladylike … reminds me of audrey hepburn

  5. Tina Reply

    I love her LOOK!!! its so great shes the best =)

  6. anastasia Reply

    She was the reason I would watch gossip girl…her style was always so unique & amazing…i would always try and copy her looks lol

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