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When it comes to being plus sized and living in a world were fashion is considered being a size 0 it becomes difficult figuring out how to shop for yourself and actually love what you put on! Well let us just tell you a little something: fashion has no size! When it comes to rocking an extremely cute outfit you don’t have to be a certain weight, age, or size! Fashion is about expressing yourself and being you.

The outfit photographed above is something we find extremely sexy and chic for all our lovely and curvy ladies out there. The black and white tank top is extremely chic and trendy! You can never go wrong when it comes to black and white! The stripes provided onto the top create a slimming illusion and accentuates your curves in all of the right places. The low v provides just the right amount of cleavage and the width of the shoulder straps is perfect for showing off some skin without exposing too much.

Match this black and white striped top to a pair of black denim jeans. Black is an extremely flattering color and slims down your legs and accentuates your bum. When it comes to shoes you can continue down this chic, sleek look by deciding on a pair of black or nude pumps. However, if you’re feeling a little more daring pair this ensemble with a hot pink pointed toe heel and that pop of color will be extremely eye catching for all the right reasons!

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  1. kamari Reply

    I’m a thick girl & this article helped clear so much up for me ! so great !

  2. jimena Reply

    thx 4 the tips, i often find it hard dressing my curvy body & finding something that fits perf

  3. Demara Reply

    amazing advice xx
    i love embracing my curves :))

  4. dakota Reply

    loveeeee this 🙂

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