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A hot new trend that has really been hitting the red carpet events quite recently is the pelvic bone appearance. If you’ve been keeping tabs on the most daring looks at recent red carpet events you’ll have been sure to notice this new and intriguing occurrence. It was once considered quite risqué to reveal an ample amount of cleavage at events, or even show off some leg in an abnormally short dress or skirt. However, celebs have begun to push the envelope even further now with this new and apparent trend. Double slit dresses are the latest and hottest craze.

Beginning with Iggy Azalea back in last November at the EMA awards, we seen the blonde haired bombshell revealing a dress with a Tarzan-like slit right down the middle. The stunning black gown did not leave much to the imagination at all between Iggy and the dress. Her pelvic bones are clearly exposed with just enough coverage to get her past any broken cardinal fashion rules.

However, the trend did not stop with Iggy Azalea, in fact it only seemed to summon more women to try it out. Nothing short of a few months ago, little Kendall Jenner was seen sporting a gorgeously designed dress with slits on both sides at the Toronto Much Music Awards. The bejeweled charm of a dress was extremely conservative on top with a long sleeved design and full chest coverage, but left the rest of us in shock with the amount of pelvic exposure.

This hot new trend seems to be catching on like wild fire, and we plan on seeing many more celebs sport the newest fashion craze!

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  1. natasha Reply

    i loved kendall jenner’s dress when i first saw her wear it!!! very daring 😉

  2. Janice Reply

    iggy actually managed to pull it off very nicely & classy 🙂

  3. karen Reply

    i am a bit more conservative with my dress style but celebrities are always pushing limits, especially for publicity!

  4. Erica Reply

    I think Kendall pulled it off WAYYYY better than Iggy

  5. helen Reply

    I like this new trend, why shouldn’t we show skin? As long as it’s tasteful I think it looks GORGE

  6. Irene Reply

    i’m feeling this trend!!! it’s pretty unique and super daring 😀

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