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Nicole Richie has come a long way since her ‘Simple Life’ days with former BFF, Paris Hilton. Over the years, with her marriage to Joel Madden and becoming a mother, Nicole Richie has blossomed into a mature and respectable woman with an absolutely incredible sense for fashion! Seen above, Nicole was photographed wearing an incredibly high class outfit that stood out amongst the crowd. Her look was inspired by the Blumarine’s Fall 2014 collection which featured gold and black patterned slacks. Nicole wore the look for her appearance on The View, as she strutted along the streets with paparazzi photographing her every move.

Nicole’s top was a beautiful silk green blouse that covered her up completely. The incredibly conservative look was actually quite charming on Nicole and her petite frame. The bagginess of the green blouse added some definition and depth to her silhouette, while the gold and black patterned pants gave off the illusion of curvaceousness to Nicole’s figure. When it comes to dressing for your body type, Nicole Richie has got the whole idea down packed. Women with slender frames are able to play around with articles of clothing with less decisive shapes as they help to create curves in their slim frame.

Nicole’s sleek pulled back hairstyle was the epitome of classy, while her black pointed toe pumps were the perfect shoes for such an outfit. Overall, Nicole’s look for her appearance on The View was an extremely classy and beautiful look that could be your next office appropriate work attire inspiration!

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  1. helena Reply

    her look is gorgeous! so chic 🙂

  2. anzel Reply

    love the blouse, looks GREAT on her!

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