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Instagram pics – it’s all about them likes, girl! Every celebrity knows that popping off some hot pics on their Instagram or Twitter feed will get them constant recognition and a bucketload of likes. Celebs use the social media tools to stay in contact with their fans and remain present to fans all over the world while going on with their daily routines. Recently posting a hot new pic for her InstaFans, Nicki Minaj was seen posing in a chic get-up with her game face on! It’s no wonder that this pic received such attention!

Seen posing in front of two white door with beige windows, Nicki wore a gorgeous all black get-up that gave her silhouette an incredible curve. Wearing a black, short-sleeved crop top, and a high waisted midi pencil skirt with criss crossed detail, Nicki showed the rest of us how a classy chick gets dress when she wants to look fierce and hot! Nicki paired the outfit up with some gorgeous black, platform sandals that really elevated her up, elongating her figure. The end result was an incredibly fierce look that slayed all others out of the competition. With black being such a flattering, never out of style color, Nicki truly swept her fans away on Instagram.

From her hot pose, to her incredibly chic all black outfit with a few silver bracelets to add as accessories, Nicki truly blew Instagram away with her awesome sense of style. What do you guys think of the look? Let us know below!


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  1. jaimee loewen Reply

    cute outfit 🙂

  2. Robyn Garbett Reply

    i love when she goes for more natural looks, instead of wearing some ridiculous wig

  3. Sima Reply

    nicki looks hot

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