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The Dubai Mall has become a huge attraction center for thousands upon thousands of tourists. With so many people visiting the mall for some retail therapy, it is no surprise that Nicki Minaj would be spotted shopping in the mall herself. Posing for some sweet Instagram photos with fans, Nicki looked absolutely radiant at the mall as she rocked a matching sweater and skirt set. Throwing up a peace sign as she stood next to some fans, Nicki wore a $895 Multicolor Patch Work Sweater and $725 Patchwork Knit Mini Skirt. Throwing the look for a loop with some more color, Nicki also wore a spunky $720 Moschino Cobalt Leather Quilted Logo Cap.

Rocking Moschino from head to toe is a great way to test your fashion style. The cap that Nicki wore featured the brand’s logo across the very front as the hat is designed from cobalt lambskin and cotton with a quilted material. The matching sweater and skirt featured a bunch of different colors and patterns, all creating a fascinating fashion creation. A hot pink, quilted purse was also spotted at Nicki’s side, adding even more bursts of color into the look. While the look is very creative and colorful, we can’t help but wonder if the pieces would have looked better if worn at separate times. However, readers, we leave the final decision up to you guys.

What do you guys think of Nicki Minaj’s shopping outfit? Let us know by leaving a comment down below.

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  1. Jenell Doman Reply

    OMG!! I want her outfit

  2. susan reves Reply

    love the hat

  3. ellen f. Reply

    Nicki seriously looks amazing!! I would freak out if I got to meet her 😮

  4. Michelle Taurins Reply

    they’re so lucky!!! i would have loved to have met nicki, she looks great!

  5. teresa merle Reply

    fabulous outfit!!!!!

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