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Rihanna is killing it again with another fashion must-have piece! Every time we see a new photo of Rihanna she’s adorned in a fabulous fashion statement. It’s even our belief that Rihanna is simply fashion’s most beloved muse. In recently released photos Rihanna was seen posing like a Greek goddess on top of a boat. Her long dark hair was seen blowing away with the wind as she craned her neck toward the sky and popped her hip out like there was no tomorrow! Crochet dresses are an absolute favorite style piece at the moment so as soon as we saw this we had to report!

Rihanna’s dress is a strapless, cream-colored crochet dress by Natalie Martin. The dress is the perfect cover up slip for a getaway cruise to the tropics, or a weekend away in Miami Beach. The dress is see through, which is what makes it so perfect to wear an itty bitty bikini underneath, as it reaches past knee length to give it an absolutely elegant feel. The crochet dress is so versatile that you can pair it up as a skirt as well! The top of the dress is designed with a drawstring that can be pulled in to wrap around your waist, the skirt will reach an inch or two above the ground and will look just as chic!

This crochet dress can be purchased at Barneys for $215, so it is a bit pricey! However, the versatility and absolute gorgeousness of the dress is definitely well worth the price! Another beautiful winning look from RiRi.

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  1. Lizzy Reply

    whoa, this dress would be perfect for my vaca next month to turks & caicos !!!!

  2. manuela Reply

    JUST STUNNING! RiRi always looks HOT

  3. rebecca Reply

    Rihanna looks beyond gorgeous in that dress!

  4. leanna Reply

    she is blessed with a fashion sense & beauty
    GO RiRi 🙂

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