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Miranda Kerr is certainly one of the most beautiful models of our day. Always the picture of grace and beauty, Miranda has encompassed all that it means to be a model in the industry. This weekend, Miranda Kerr and her boyfriend, co-founder and CEO of Snapchat, Evan Spiegal, attended the White House State Dinner. When you’re headed out for a dinner at the White House where you’ll be amongst the president and some of the biggest representatives of the country, it pays to be dressed up to par. For the event, Miranda looked absolutely dashing in a floral adorned gown, while Evan was looking sharp in a classic tuxedo.

The gown that Miranda wore was a beautiful piece straight off the runway. The gown was a Carolina Herrera Fall 2016 floral blush-toned dress. The gorgeous blush color of the gown absolutely complemented Miranda’s skin tone and gave her an irresistible charm. The floral arrangements all along the dress gave it a really nice unique factor, making it stand out. Accessory wise, Miranda kept the look simple with a darling metallic silver clutch by her side. Her hair was pinned back into a low bun and away from her face in order to keep the look very classic. A bold red lipstick choice was the perfect finishing touch to such a gorgeous look. We think that Miranda truly looked stunning and gorgeous in this gown.

What do you guys think of Miranda’s White House dinner look? Let us know by leaving a comment down below.

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  1. Yelena M. Reply

    beyond beautiful perfection

  2. Karima Montoya Reply

    miranda is a goddess

  3. mindy gunther Reply

    beautiful couple 🙂

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