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Is it just us or does Miranda Kerr look incredibly stylish in an oh so effortlessly fashion this week? Making all of us on the east coast incredibly envious, Miranda Kerr enjoyed the warm Santa Monica sun in a perfectly sensational spring outfit! There’s something about maxi skirts that just pull at our summer heart strings, making us swell up as we count down the days in our calendar until the summer weather finally kicks in. What we love most about Miranda’s look is the sheer simplicity of it that still manages to keep her standing out in a sea of people.

Miranda Kerr wore a black tank top, tucked into a beautifully designed Topshop Lace Print Maxi Skirt. The gorgeous royal blue and sea green shaded design of the skirt is so reminiscent of the ocean that we couldn’t peel our eyes off it. This skirt is a total must buy for this summer season! The skirt also features a side slit that gives it an elusively sensual feel. Finishing off the California spring vibe, Miranda chose to wear a pair of Valentino Sparkling Straw Thong Sandals and some stunning Miu Miu Havana Sunglasses. This look is definitely perfect for a simple day out, whether you’re meeting up with some girlfriends for lunch, or just running a few errands.

Miranda Kerr’s look is a definite hit on our list of the week! What do you guys think of her chic spring style? Let us know below!



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  1. Antonetta Hulme Reply

    truly gorgeous skirt 🙂

  2. analisa basile Reply

    I am obsessed with her sense of style <3333

  3. Britni Wiste Reply

    ugh she’s so friggin gorgeous, a burlap sack would look great on her!!!!

  4. Abby Finneran Reply

    super cute!!!!

  5. domenica jose Reply

    love how flirty this look is 🙂

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