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How nice it is to see a smiling Miley! Since her engagement to Liam Hemsworth was called off short, Miley Cyrus has been a very emotional, twerking, but emotional singer. Well goodbye Liam because it seems to be Miley Cyrus has found a new man in her life to make her laugh, and we’re talking about Patrick Scharzenegger. Miley and Patrick were seen on holiday in Idaho with Patrick’s well-known father, Arnold Schwarznegger.

The group was seen, smiles and all, heading out to The Kneadery Restaurant in Ketchum, Idaho. Leaving behind her usual bodysuits and high heels, Miley looked absolutely adorable in a large fluffy pink coat along with all black attire and an extremely cozy looking pink leopard scarf. We can’t imagine what it’s like to meet the in laws, but Miley Cyrus strode with confidence as her and Patrick were seen sharing some PDA as Arnold smiled and joked along. Way to go Miley!

But Miley Cyrus isn’t done with her controversial stunts just yet, no, not at all. This 22 year old singer had posted a topless photo onto her Instagram with the caption “’Some lame a** deff gonna ?? dat ?? but f****** it #practicewhatchupreach #FreeTheNipple #freedatsh**’” Well Miley, we hope Arnold doesn’t see that one!

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  1. lorraine matthews Reply

    miley noooo, why???!!!

  2. wynell peterson Reply

    i like her bf’s style much better, the man knows how to dress 😉

  3. augusta Reply

    miley’s boots are cute 🙂

  4. collette harville Reply

    that pink coat looks really toasty lol

  5. Coral Russell Reply

    what in the world is miley wearing now?!!!

    • Good points all around. Truly appreciated.

  6. ayanna f. Reply

    they make a cute couple!!!

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