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Mila Kunis is looking absolutely incredible for a soon to be mommy! At the “Third Person” Red carpet premiere, Mila is glowing in her all black satin mini dress rocking her baby bump. She kept it sexy yet casual as she continued rocking her signature smoky eye and left her shiny locks loose and tousled. When it came down to her shoes, Mila was wearing a pair of $790 nude Dior Platforms that gave her an extra lift! Mila Kunis sure isn’t letting pregnancy stop her from rocking a pair of high heels!

Mila accessorized by wearing a few simple statement pieces such as a few golden bangles, and a small pop of color as she wore a green necklace. This satin mini dress had her looking absolutely stunning and really showed off that pregnancy glow mother’s get when expecting! Mila Kunis didn’t shy away when it came to showing her baby bump. Mila kept it to a minimum, remaining sexy but still proclaiming, “I’m going to be a mommy soon!” Kunis proves that soon to be mommies can still look sexy going out on a date or a premiere.

If you’re going out to an event or a special occasion and choose to wear a sexy little number like Mila Kunis you can choose to swap the glamorous high heels for a pair of chic flats instead to spare your feet the pain! Most mothers could never imagine or feel as though they could still look good while expecting but that is where they are wrong! Although you may be expecting a little someone in your stomach that doesn’t mean you can’t look fashionable while doing so!

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  1. Isabella Reply

    ughhh she is soooo gorgeous!!! so happy for her on her pregnancy!!!

  2. Belle Reply

    mila is so spunky…i love her…so happy that she’s having a baby ^.^

  3. lara Reply

    love that she looks HOT even while pregnant…I hope i look this good in a few months =p (2 months preggo lol) :))

  4. tiffany Reply

    adore her! this is a gorgeous & flattering look for her 🙂

  5. Ellen Reply

    She’s brave to put on a pair of heels while pregnant….my feet were way took swollen when I was carrying my son =x

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