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Nicola Peltz looks amazingly stunning in this dress! The actress is new on the scene, and is the star of the new Transformers movie, working alongside long time hunk, Mark Wahlberg.

Dressed in Gucci from head to toe, the beautiful young actress is pulling off the metallic look so amazingly. Metals are in this summer, and Nicola went for an amazing shade of metallic green for her dress. The dress almost resembles a slip dress, and the deep V-neck gives the dress a very sexy and sultry vibe. Her shiny blonde hair definitely brings out the green hues in the dress, in turn making the dress look as if it is lit up.

The leather trim in the dress outlines the dress perfectly; giving it the beautiful form you see it take as Nicola is wearing it. Matching the leather trim, Peltz is seen wearing Gucci ankle strap sandals. The look is very chic yet sultry, so the shoes provide the perfect glamorous touch needed throughout this look. Accessories were kept bare as she decided on a simple, elegant silver necklace that draws attention to her cleavage.

This gorgeous metallic green dress brings out her fair skin highlighting it perfectly and giving her an iridescent glow. Her makeup was kept sultry as her pink lips look plumped and glossed and her eyes seem to resemble those of a cat. This look screams sexy yet chic, with a sultry and elegant vibe all at the same time.

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  1. erica Reply

    the heels are sooooo stylish <3 i need to have a pair in my closet !!!!

  2. Helen Reply

    the dress shows more cleavage than i would normally well but it is fabulous on her!

  3. ella Reply

    i love her in bates motel, she is looking ridiculously sophisticated

  4. chaela Reply

    WOW, phenomenal dress <3333

  5. Deandra Reply

    sheesh, she is gorgeous! i’m jealous

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