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Does Lupita Nyong’o ever disappoint when it comes to her personal style? Every single time we see Lupita at an event, we are totally blown away by her beauty and her choice in looks. No matter what the occasion, Lupita always has a way with the camera, as she looks stunning no matter what she wears. This week, Lupita was in attendance at the 2016 Tony Awards Gala. For the event, Lupita wore a beautiful silk dress that complemented her in every way possible. From the color of the dress to the way it sat on her body, the dress was truly out of this world.

The exact piece worn by Lupita was a Hugo Boss Fall 2016 Custom Ballet Pink Silk Charmeuse Dress. The ballet pink color looked excellent and fit in perfectly for the event. The ruffle detailing of the dress along with the camisole straps all brought the look together wonderfully. In order to keep up with the sort of gold look, Lupita wore a dazzling pair of metallic strappy sandals. The exact pair has been yet to be scoped out, but we can probably bet that they were out of our regular price range anyway. However, from head to toe, Lupita truly rocked this look with beauty, style and class. We love the dress and couldn’t have picked a better fit for her if we had to.

What do you guys think of Lupita Nyong’o’s silk dress look for the Tony Awards Gala? Let us know by leaving a comment down below.

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  1. Anisa Santucci Reply

    She’s so gorgeous!!!!!

  2. Alina Tanner Reply

    very nice 🙂

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