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Now that summer is fading away from us to open the doors to fall you may want to rock all of your cutest summer outfits in the last few days before the weather really starts to get cold. If you’re planning a fun daytime date with your boyfriend for brunch, or just heading out with the girls a beautiful white, asymmetrical dress is a must-wear before summer completely fades away.

Ditch the old fashion rules of “no white after Labor Day” and rock that white dress in your closet! In the photo above, the model is seen wearing a gorgeous white summer asymmetrical dress with a uniquely placed black polka dot detailing.

The black polka dot detailing gives the dress an added flair of chicness, keeping the dress from looking like any other plain white dress. The asymmetrical design gives the dress a more risqué feel, making you feel like a hot woman for the day! The gorgeous white color will give your bronzed skin an extra glow as you rock that summer tan for the very last time. As seen on the model, a beautiful top bun is the perfect hairstyle to go with an outfit like this.

A top bun is the essence of elegance, and only further serves the chic attitude of the dress and look. Pair up a dress like this one with a chunky necklace, and a few silver bracelets. Adding some hues of pink into the mix will really make it POP! Remember, it’s your last chance to rock that summer attitude with a gorgeous, white dress!

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  1. courtney Reply

    absolutely stunning dress <33333

  2. Allie Reply

    this is a must have for me now!!!!

  3. Nicole Reply

    TOO PERFECT!!!! the model looks amazing in the dress…i have something similar to this that i might wear 🙂

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