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Lady Gaga, if there’s one thing this woman is known for besides her incredible vocal talents and stage presence, it would definitely have to be her sense of style. Always daring to push the limits, this stylish diva has worn some of the most extravagant outfits to date. From wearing an outfit made entirely out of meat to the VMAs to wearing the most unusual hats we’ve ever seen, Lady Gaga loves to push their limits of her creativity when it comes to her style of dress. Due to her often eccentric behavior and dress, it was quite the change of character to see the pop star walking around the streets of in Manhattan in an actual normal get up!

Lady Gaga was photographed taking a stroll in NYC wearing an incredibly stylish, yet simple black dress. Now, knowing Lady Gaga, this may be one of the most shocking outfits she’s worn to date – how out of the character! The long black gown featured a keyhole neckline with a halter top tie-up around the neck. In order to keep warm in the brisk New York weather, Gaga wore a long, cape styled jacket in a white geometric design. A beautiful pair of black pumps finished off Gaga’s sleek and sophisticated look.

Gaga’s short blonde hair was parted to the side with a slight wave at the ends. This beautifully chic and simple look was definitely not expected of the fashion icon, but it was most definitely appreciated.

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  1. Torrie Iman Reply

    she looks gorgeous when she’s not hiding behind some ridiculous costume!!

  2. kate gorelick Reply

    lady gaga looks beautiful 🙂

  3. You’re on top of the game. Thanks for sharing.

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