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When it comes to outrageously bold fashion choices, we know that we can always count on Lady Gaga to make the cut. Making an appearance at the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards FOX After Party, Lady Gaga truly stood out – as she seemingly always does. Yes, when it comes to bending the rules of fashion, Lady Gaga definitely takes the cake. It seems that there is not one fashion rule that she has not made an attempt to break, which is why we all have become mesmerized by her red carpet appearances. While in attendance for the after party, Lady Gaga wore an all white ensemble with very puffy sleeves.

The all white dress was a Brandon Maxwell gown. Very original in design, the dress features a beautiful mermaid silhouette, while the puffy sleeves make a very bold, fashion statement. While the dress was definitely something you don’t see everyday, Lady Gaga decided to keep the rest of her look quite simple. No overtly visible pieces of accessories were seen on her other than a pair of silver earrings. Lady Gaga’s short hair was styled and parted quite elegantly to the side, making the dress the center of attention. We can’t help but love just how bold Lady Gaga is, along with how often she stays true to her creativity.

In the end, we want to know what you guys think of Lady Gaga’s puffy sleeved dress? Are you absolutely in love or hate it to no end? Let us know below!

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  1. Adriana Taylor Reply

    leave it to Gaga to wear something crazy like this

  2. milly Reply

    even tho the dress is a bit unconventional, i think it suits her well 🙂

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