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This weekend, Kylie Jenner stepped out looking very hot – almost too hot for a 17-year-old! Making a name for herself in the fabulous world of Hollywood and fashion, the youngest sister of the clan, Kylie, has been gathering up a cult following of diehard fans. Girls have been going crazy over her iconic lipstick look and fabulous street style fashion. However, as with all things related to the Kardashian household name, we can’t help but wonder if the family has gone too far, again. Not even of legal age yet, Kylie Jenner was spotted by paparazzi at Craig’s Restaurant in West Hollywood.

What Kylie wore was truly show stopping as she donned a very sheer, black midi length bodycon dress. In order to keep from revealing too much at dinner that night, Kylie wore black undergarments that covered her up in the appropriate areas. Has Kylie Jenner been inspired by Rihanna’s naked dress escapades? Who’s to know? What we do know, however, is that she finished off the look with an absolutely beautiful pair of $2,970 Giuseppe Zanotti Textured Suede Knee Boots. With a fringe bag at her side, the hottest new trend for the spring, and a collection of bangles on both her wrists, Kylie’s look was very modern and chic with a very overt sexual flair.

Although it’s not anything out of the ordinary for the clan of Kardashian-Jenners to don bold looks, we can’t help but wonder if this one was very appropriate for the young 17-year-old.

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  1. hollie f. Reply

    smh, see through dress and she’s only 17?! where is kris?

  2. maddie arnot Reply

    kylie looks so much like kim at this point, its crazy

  3. denisha rene Reply

    its a cute outfit but not appropriate for her age at all!!!

  4. christine perry Reply

    Kylie is gorgeous, let her wear what she wants 🙂 She’s only a year away from 18, big whoop

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