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Kylie Jenner, the youngest sister of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, has quickly been skyrocketing in popularity. From her plush pout to her lipstick line and now her fashion looks, the young reality star is set to grow her empire bigger and bigger. Reaching to the heights of her older sister, Kim K, Kylie has been taking hints from Kim’s sense of style with her most recent look. Heading out for dinner in the city of LA, Kylie stepped out in quite the controversial get-up. Rocking the family’s favorite brand name, Balmain, Kylie looked like an absolute copy of her older sister Kim.

Kylie’s look consisted of a Balmain Spring 2016 Cobalt Blue Mesh Pencil Skirt that she paired off with a royal blue Hermes Birkin bag. What truly made the look so controversial was the fact that Kylie wore a mesh skirt to begin with. In order to keep the look incredibly sultry, Kylie made sure to wear a flesh colored long-sleeved bodysuit underneath. Without the nude bodysuit, Kylie would practically be nude underneath her skirt choice! Unlike the runway version of the look, Kylie ditched both the matching belt and suede long sleeved bodysuit, instead doing things her own way. Finishing off the look, Kylie wore a simple pair of nude colored sandals with no real accessories besides the Birkin bag to mention.

So what do you guys think of Kylie Jenner’s runway inspired dinner date look? Let us know by leaving a comment down below.

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  1. Kristen Holifield Reply

    Kylie looks great but it would have looked better with the belt

  2. Chastity Reply

    Ohhh I love this!!!!

  3. Kamilah J. Reply

    love Kylie. She always looks great

  4. ramona hiner Reply

    Hot!! Kylie is so adorbs

  5. chanel Reply

    interesting….i like it 🙂

  6. suzan bayles Reply

    not feeling the look =/

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