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Kylie Jenner is the queen of all that is fashion and makeup. Seen spotted arriving at her mothers management office in Calabasas, California Kylie wore an extremely daring outfit that showed off her taut stomach and amazingly long legs. We must admit, the color scheme looked absolutely gorgeous in contrast with her long, jet-black hair extensions that she recently collaborated with Bellami Hair Extensions to create.

The curls hung loosely against her tight white crop top as she wore a beautiful long blue-ish grey trench coat along with her incredibly chic outfit. Continuing with the color scheme Kylie wore a pair of tight ripped skinny jeans that flattered her figure amazingly and reached just above the ankle. Accessorizing with a grey handbag and opting for a pair of grey pumps, Kylie contributed to this edgy “bad girl” look with a pair of sunnies as she was photographed once again this time to have been coming to a meeting.

Although she may be the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, this 17 year old has already been planning multiple business ventures to supply her fans with endless amounts of clothing and hair to help recreate that infamous Kylie Jenner look. Although she may not be as curvaceous as her older sisters, Kylie Jenner’s body is a dream!

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  1. cassi Reply

    cute color combination 🙂

  2. Esther Simek Reply

    kylie has the best fashion sense out of the fam <33

  3. alaina flach Reply

    love the coat she has on it’s a great color

  4. lakita williams Reply

    incredibly chic

  5. sierra bundren Reply

    fab look 🙂

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