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It seems as if Kim Kardashian is at it again – and this time she has got the Internet in an uproar! Never one to steer clear of a controversial moment, in fact it seems as if the entire Kardashian family craves it, Kim Kardashian was recently apart of a photo shoot for Paper magazine. Trending in an upward fashion, Paper magazine has decided that it would like to be responsible for breaking the Internet and Kim has rightfully obliged as well. The mother of baby North and wife of rapper Kanye West has taken her television and social media presence to a whole new level.

In the photos, we are given a pretty PG-rated and then very NSFW photos of the beauty, where her entire barren bottom is shown! Talk about baring it all! In the more appropriate for work photo, Kim is seen wearing a long black, strapless sequin gown that reached down below her legs. She wore a bundle of pearls across her neck, while her hair was placed in an intricately designed up-do. In the photo Kim is seen popping a bottle of champagne while also balancing a champagne glass on her quite curved bottom half.

Needless to say, Kim has gotten quite the mixed review on her Paper magazine photo shoot. Celebs like Naya Rivera were seen reprimanding Kim for her “thoughtless” actions, while millions of other men and women flocked to the inter webs to spew their own opinion on the situation. Some men and women applauded, while other nodded their heads in disapproval. What do you guys think? Is Kim’s hot new shoot possibly too hot? Let us know!

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  1. Nat Reply

    she needs to stop before its too late…oh wait

  2. georgina Reply

    she’s still young & beautiful!!
    ignore the haters kim

  3. doris Reply

    smhhh that photo was following me everywhere
    i’m sorry but i don’t need to see ALL of kim like that

  4. rori Reply

    i think she looks amazing!!! especially considering she didn’t even have her baby THAT long ago

  5. leanna Reply

    the one with her clothed is alright but after that it’s just the usual kardashian agenda pushing

  6. jade Reply

    idk how i feel about this tbh
    like kim is free to do what she wants but she’s a married woman & a mother

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