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Kim Kardashian has been spotted recently adventuring it up in Dubai with friends and sister’s hubby, French Montana. The beautiful socialite is never spotted without a scandal, as it seems to follow her and her family around. Another thing that seems to follow these Kardashian women around? An amazing sense of style. Kim was seen rocking a much more conservative look for a club in Dubai, definitely not what we’re used to seeing her in, yet somehow her flair still gave it a provocative edge.

Maybe it’s all those curves, or her always on-point makeup? Whatever the case may be, Kim has got it going on in this look! Heading out for a night at the club, Kim was seen sporting an all black ensemble – incredibly chic and also incredibly slimming, the perfect lethal combination in fashion. Never one to steer away from the trending fashion moments, Kim wore a cropped, long sleeved black top, exposing a bit of her upper abdomen. For bottoms, Kim chose to pair the look up with some high waisted slacks that flared out at the bottom, giving her legs a cowboy jean look.

Kim’s hair was parted in the middle and kept behind her shoulders, while her bright red lips and long, fluttering lashes made even more a statement in photographs. Kim looked absolutely gorgeous and we’d love to see more outfits like this one on her! You can never go wrong with black, and Kim absolutely kept that rule in mind when she dressed up for the night!

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  1. melanie h. Reply

    kim looks FAB

  2. virginia ball Reply

    this is a good look for her, finally appropriate for a mother & wife

  3. maria langdon Reply

    can’t go wrong w/ an all black look

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