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Kim Kardashian has always been a fashion icon for as long as we can remember. Her looks have created and been the inspiration for women and fashion bloggers everywhere. But, Kim K’s style has changed so much over the past few years that it took a video montage to realize just how drastic that change has become. With her new platinum blonde hair, we thought it was the perfect time to reopen the book of Kardashian and look back at some old school Kim K looks and delve right into the present. The difference of just 9 years will shock you!

Starting in 2007, when Kim K first appeared on the scene, her style was much simpler and bedazzled. As you can see, she loved colors, such as her purple turtleneck dress, and the tighter the clothing the better. In 2009, Kim added some pantsuits into her look (was that the trend in 2009?)! Finally, fast forward to 2013, when Kanye West entered the scene and you see a complete transformation of Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe, as she has stated several times that Kanye is the mastermind behind her looks these days.

Kim’s bright looks turned into all black ensembles, shoulder pads, and all black pantsuits. Kickstart to 2015 and we see not only Kim’s fashion make a huge change, but her hairstyle as well. Chopping off her locks in February, and then dyeing them bleach blonde in March, Kim has undergone the greatest beauty transformation of a lifetime.

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  1. felicia gresham Reply

    wow, it’s crazy to see just how much kim k’s style has changed over the years

  2. leota bogard Reply

    i loved her style in the pre-kanye era

  3. carrie denson Reply

    her style really was not that cute back in 2007
    i think she was in her prime in 09-10

  4. genoveva graziani Reply

    what a transformation!!

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