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Kim Kardashian is still in Paris for Fashion Week – and you’d think with all of the fabulous designers around flaunting their pieces that Kim would have backed away from this particular look! Kim K’s looks, although at times over the top, are usually not major offenses to the fashion world, but today, it seems as if Kim’s sense of fashion was misplaced for a bit. With her beau, Kanye West, by her side, Kim stepped by Colette, a cult fashion store in Paris. Kim’s still rocking the platinum blonde locks wore a look that even has us at a loss for words.

A layered pinstripe button down shirt was paired on top of a red camisole, with another similar pinstriped jacket on top. The addition of what appears to be a buttoned sweater around her waist only seemed to add more insult to injury. Finishing off the look, Kim wore a pair of $2,995 Givenchy Thigh High Stretch Leather Peep Toe Boots. Overall, this look was not one of Kim’s greatest as fans took to social media (as always), to air out their opinions on the newfound Kim Kardashian style. Many were begging the well-known brunette to just ditch the blonde and go back to her original, tried and true color.

However, Kim’s hair is far from the issue here with this fashion mishap. We just hope that Kim pulls her act together in time for the rest of fashion week! What do you guys think of this Kim Kardashian original styling? Let us know below!

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  1. Nancy Weimar Reply

    Kim looks so hot as a blonde, but I am def not feeling this look

  2. krysta Reply

    kanye let her leave their room looking like this?! SMH…what is this

  3. chantay bergh Reply

    not one of my fav looks from her 🙁

  4. malika doshier Reply

    it’s ok

  5. branda martin Reply

    Ok, idk about the rest of the look but her boots are on point!!!!

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