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During Paris Fashion Week, it seemed that Kim Kardashian was attempting to answer the age old question, “How many fashion disasters can one person have in a week?” The verdict? Apparently one every day! For someone who has set so many fashion trends over the years, it has been increasingly difficult to watch with eyes open the fashion blunders Kim K has undergone this week. Day after day, Kim seems to surprise us more and more with her choices in outfit. Kim has stated previously that she wanted to up her fashion game this year, but after seeing these looks we can’t help but wonder where that thought disappeared.

Many fans have gone to blogs and made commentary on how they missed the “old Kim K” looks. Her signature dark locks and pre-Kanye fashion were always welcome in our world. Admitting that her hubby, Kanye West, is responsible for her outfits now, it makes us wonder if Kanye is truly looking out for Kim’s best interest in the world of fashion. Then again, fashion was never meant to be loved by the mainstream and instead adored through its artistic meaning and style. However, after seeing some of Kim’s looks, including her fishnet dress, we can’t help but wonder where the art in that look is.

From major cleavage all week long, to outfits that just didn’t make sense, Kim has had a pretty rough week with fashion in Paris. What do you think of Kim’s current fashion choices? Let us know!

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  1. shandi neifert Reply

    kanye seriously needs to stop butting in and dressing kim

  2. leilani tatom Reply

    oh lord, this woman needs some better stylists around her

  3. latasha martin Reply

    the first fishnet type dress isn’t so bad, but the pinstriped jacket look was not good at all

  4. alishia newbill Reply

    Kim used to dress so nice, idk what happened…(kanye!) >.>

  5. carol nicastro Reply

    eh, her style’s been a lil off lately
    not surprising

  6. sherice j. Reply

    the person who messed up that contour on her nose tho…smh
    poor kim

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